Mexico Rocks Day Sail

  • Fresh fruit and coffee
  • 2 snorkel stops (Mexico Rocks & Tres Cocos)
  • Belizean Buffet lunch
  • Natural pool
  • Open bar

The semi-private Mexico Rocks Day Sail has a minimum of only 4 guests to confirm the tour and no more than 8 guests maximum on-board. Benefits are more comfort and space on the catamaran, personalized service and attention.

135 USD + 10 USD park fee for the Hol Chan Marine Reserve.
Snorkel gear rental available for 5 USD/set (mask, snorkel and fins)

Belize Express dock, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye
8 am - 2 pm

The Northern coast of Ambergris Caye has amazing blue waters and beautiful views along the way. While we start our morning sail, we serve you fresh fruit and coffee. Our first snorkel stop is Mexico Rocks, that in the end of 2015 became a part of the Hol Chan Marine Reserve, to protect its rich marine life and precious corals. We then continue to our favorite spot - a shallow area right by the reef, that is just like a natural pool (great for non-swimmers as well)! Here we make a break to relax in the shallow warm water, while the crew prepares lunch onboard. After lunch we return South doing a second snorkel stop at Tres Cocos.
Read more about the sites we visit, Mexico Rocks, Tres Cocos and the Natural Pool under the Details tab.


  • BBQ fish (comes with veggies and our Captain's secret sauce)
  • stewed chicken
  • rice & beans
  • flour tortillas
  • coleslaw
  • "pico de gallo" (tomato, onion, cilantro and chili in lime juice)
  • fried sweet plantain
A vegetarian substitute to the fish and chicken must be pre-notified.
Nothing contains dairy, let us know if you are allergic to gluten.


  • Rum Punch
  • Panty Rippers (based on coconut rum and pineapple juice)
  • Local rum (dark, white and coconut)
  • Coca Cola, Sprite and Red Fanta
  • Orange, pineapple and fruitpunch juice
  • Bottles of water
Guests are allowed to bring additional beverages on-board.

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Mexico Rocks is an area of huge coral heads scattered all over this snorkeling spot - making it look like a Mexican sombrero, as some say the name comes from. These enormous coral formations contain large brains corals, gorgonians, sea fans and sea whips which provide shelter for an abundance of critters. Common creatures like angelfish, butterfly fish, groupers, snappers, file fish, grunts can be seen swimming along these formations as well as a casual loggerhead turtle.


South of Mexico Rocks closer to town is Tres Cocos, a small concentration of marine life along the reef where a large amount of fish can be seen. You can encounter a large population of Elk Horn corals, Lettuce Coral, Brain Coral, Sergeant Majors, Angel Fish, Damselfish, Fairy Basslet, Hawks-bill Turtles and occasional Green Turtles just to name a few. This area is an entrance for large reef fish that usually lurk around these areas in search for food.


This is an exclusive stop that only we make - we have the advantage of only drafting 2 feet which makes it possible to anchor in such shallow water, and we are also blessed with a Captain that know the spots where nobody else goes. This is a shallow area just by the reef and except from spectacular views it is also a unique setting and a refreshing break. The water is only 4-5 feet deep.

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We specialize on custom-made Private Charters! You will have the catamaran only for you and all the attention on you. Making the tour private opens up to a lot more possibilities. We can do a plain Mexico Rocks Day Sail or we can also change the itinerary and/or add on more activities! If you add on more hours, we can do more snorkeling, explore the Northern shore or also add fishing (groups of maximum 6 people).

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