Beanbags and cushions are distributed in the front of the boat, the whole top-part of the catamaran is covered with a big cushion and the seating in the cockpit is also cushioned. There is also a sofa and foldable table inside the galley. There are speakers built in to the roof to distribute music over the boat.


To get on and off from the dock, the guard-rail can be opened in the front of the boat to make this just a smooth step. There are stairs on each side in the back, with a ladder to get in and out of the water easily.


All the deck is boarded with guardrails. There are lifejackets for everyone, both adult and children sizes and a life-ring that is always towed by the guide during the snorkeling. The floor inside is anti-slipping prevented and has lights built-in. We have a complete first aid kit and all our staff is educated in first help.