Semi-private Exclusive All-in-1

  • 2 snorkel stops (Hol Chan & Shark Ray Alley)
  • *Premium* Belizean Buffet
  • 1 hour visit at Caye Caulker
  • Ceviche
  • Sunset cruise
  • Open bar

The semi-private Exclusive All-in-1 has a minimum of only 4 guests to confirm the tour and no more than 8 guests maximum on-board. Benefits are more comfort and space on the catamaran, personalized service and attention.

ADULTS: 199 USD (189 USD for the tour + 10 USD entrance fee for the Hol Chan Marine Reserve). Snorkel gear is included.
CHILDREN (4-11 years old): 95 USD, waived from the entrance fee.

Meeting point: The Palapa Bar dock, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye
7 h 15 min, the schedule changes depending on the sunset

The All-in-1 is a "best of tour" that includes the most requested by our guests - an Exclusive tour only with Catamaran Belize!
The semi-private option has the same itinerary as our regular All-in-1 (minimum 8 and maximum 16 guests), but with the minimum of only 4 guests and the guarantee of no more than 8 guests on-board. This is something unique with us on the island, a great option to avoid crowds but yet share the fun with some other guests.
Our semi-private tours are also upgraded with our *Premium* Belizean buffet: Our captain's BBQ fish with veggies and secret sauce and our chef's home-made stewed chicken, rice and beans, flour tortillas, coleslaw, pico de gallo and fried sweet plantain.
*Premium* - the buffet on our semi-private tours also include corn on the cob and your choice of 2 skewers: shrimp, beef or mushroom

We depart later to let you sleep in, avoid the crowds, and see the sunset at the end of the tour. We start with snorkeling at Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley. Hol Chan has the largest variety of species to be seen in the area and is often compared to an aquarium, while at Shark Ray Alley you get to experience a close encounter with nurse-sharks and stingrays. Watch from the boat or swim with them! We then serve our famous *Premium* Belizean buffet on-board. After lunch, we stop at the neighbor island Caye Caulker for approx. 1 hour of free time to explore the island, followed by a relaxed sunset cruise back to San Pedro, with ceviche served. Open bar with local rum, vodka, gin, soft drinks and juices is included. Try the specials, rum punch and "panty rippers"!
The schedule for the tour changes through the year depending on the sunset.
Read more about the sites we visit, Hol Chan, Shark Ray Alley and Caye Caulker under the Details tab.

***PLEASE NOTICE. Being on a set route with an itinerary to fulfil we always must use the engine, with different potential depending on the timing and if we can also use sail-power. We don’t always use the sail, depending on the route, the wind conditions and various other factors.
**Using only sail and no engine, we’d just be able to go in one direction according to the wind and if we have the wind against us, this often will force us to go in zig-zag. This is not possible inside of the barrier reef due to restricted space, shallow waters, rocks and other obstacles (all our day tours and charters with no exceptions are made inside of the barrier reef) and regardless of the wind direction, using only sail of course also makes it impossible to assure guarantee and control the speed the way you can with engine use.. This of course causes a delay of the activities, or better said, we wouldn’t have enough time for the activities and couldn’t guarantee an itinerary within a time-frame – it is very important to let us know in advance if you want to be sailing without engine power since this restricts the itinerary significantly, but is not impossible for part of the charter knowing this request in advance.
*We only use the main sail on the tours. The jib sail is not opened for several reasons: more than anything it is a safety prevention, since wind gusts can make the lines move and hit somebody and the sail can be experienced as being “in the way” of guests being seated comfortably. Especially when mixing alcohol into the picture we always take our guests safety first and that is an important reason why the main sail is the one being used.


  • BBQ fish (comes with veggies and our Captain's secret sauce)
  • stewed chicken
  • rice & beans
  • flour tortillas
  • coleslaw
  • "pico de gallo" (tomato, onion, cilantro and chili in lime juice)
  • fried sweet plantain
  • *Premium* - the buffet on our semi-private tours also include
  • corn on the cob
  • your choice of 2 skewers: shrimp, beef or mushroom


Our ceviche is prepared fresh on-board just before serving. It contains fish, shrimp/conch (seasonal), onions, sweet peppers, tomatoes and coriander marinated in lime juice and a mix of spices. This is served with locally-made tortilla chips.

The menu can be adapted to allergies, dietary restrictions and vegetarians/vegans.

  • Rum Punch
  • Panty Rippers (based on coconut rum and pineapple juice)
  • Local rum (dark, white and coconut)*
  • Local vodka*
  • Local gin*
  • Soft drinks: Coca Cola, Coca Cola Light, Sprite, Fanta (orange, fruit punch, ginger, grapefruit, tonic and soda water).
  • Juices: Orange, pineapple, lime and fruit punch.
  • Water
*All from the popular Cuello's Distillery served at bars/restaurants all over the country.
Guests are allowed to bring additional beverages on-board.

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Hol Chan is Mayan for "little channel" and is a natural break in the reef, approx 75 ft wide and 30 ft deep, which has always been a very productive fishing area with abundant marine life. It is open to the sea beyond the reef, so allows marine creatures to travel from the outside of the reef to the inside and vice versa. It became the first marine reserve in the entire country of Belize back in 1987 and this have led to the species to re-generate and the corals of growing unharmed. This snorkeling area has the greatest variety of marine life and coral, compared to being an "underwater zoo" - you have the chance to see all kinds of corals, fishes and even sea turtles! Over 160 species of fish and forty types of coral have been recorded in the area.


The story behind Shark Ray Alley is that in all times, due to its position close to the channel to go outside the protecting barrier reef for fishing, it was the point where the local fishermen came in with their catch and started cleaning it - throwing the head, etc into the water. This converted it a natural habit for the marine life such as nurse sharks and sting-rays that associate the sound of an engine to food. The water is shallow and transparent and you will see the nurse-sharks and sting-rays on the surface, meaning that even if you don't get in to the water you can enjoy it from the boat as well! The stop here normally doesn't exceed the 20 minutes, since the nurse-sharks and sting-rays eventually swims away.


Caye Caulker is the island closest to Ambergris Caye, the locals call it their "sister island". This is just how you imagine an authentic Caribbean island to be and a nice contrast to the more developed Ambergris Caye. Caye Caulker was uninhabited until the middle of the nineteenth century, when a small number of the refugees fleeing civil war on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula ended up there, started planting coconuts and developed a profitable fishing industry. Since the 1960's tourism has slowly grown on the island, but it has still kept its quite laid-back atmosphere. The island is about 5 miles long but the town is just about 1 mile long and 1/2 to 1 mile wide. The "road" around Caye Caulker is only made of sand and is lined with swaying palm trees, souvenir shops and local jewellery shops. Walking for just about 15 minutes you will reach the famous "Split" and the bar Lazy Lizard. The Split started off as a channel which was widened by Hurricane Hattie in 1961, but back then it was actually just about a foot or so deep. The islanders then dug by hand to widen the channel to allow small boats to pass through. Over the years tidal forces took over and created the 20 foot feet channel that is now today's Split. Caye Caulker really do not have beaches. So the "split" is the place where people go and hang out and swim and it is absolutely worth seeing.

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We specialize on custom-made Private Charters! You will have the catamaran only for you and all the attention on you. Making the tour private opens up to a lot more possibilities. We can do a plain Private All-in-1 or we can also change the itinerary and/or add on more activities! If you don't really want to visit Caye Caulker we can take you to a desert beach instead. If you add on more hours, we can do more snorkeling as well, or also fishing (groups of maximum 6 people).

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